A Tale of One City

Toronto is a city much like any other. Metropolitan, full of culture and diversity and the ability to find every kind of ethnic food you could possibly desire. In any city in the world, you can find a bunch of aimless 20 year olds trying to figure it out, make it work, and have it all. In any city in the world, you can find a bunch of 30 year olds figuring it out, making it work, and realizing they can’t have it all. This tale is about a bunch of millennials who have figured out that they can probably make it work because what they have is nothing.

If you don’t know Toronto very well, paint a picture in your mind. Draw a yellow U. Now draw a green line across the middle of that U. When you’re young and broke beyond imagining, Toronto doesn’t exist outside of those borders. If you wonder why, you’ve never been 25 and tried to make ends meet while paying off your student loans, eating more than one meal a day, and maintaining basic hygiene all at the same time. Cars and their parking spots are luxuries that only the lucky few can afford. For the rest, they ride the red rocket.

Another little thing about Toronto: its nicer than it seems, and darker than it looks. Canadians say please and thank you. They say excuse me, even if you bump into them. And they’ll cut a bitch without a second thought. Don’t underestimate Canadians. If this story has a moral, that’s it. Don’t. Underestimate. Fucking. Canucks.

This story will come out in weekly chunks. Look for a new chunk of story every Tuesday.